Submit a preauthorization

Some plans require you to submit a preauthorization in the Level App before you can use your Level Card for a specific transaction. When you submit a preauthorization, you’re notifying Level about your intent to use your Level Card, ensuring a smooth transaction experience. 

To confirm whether your plan requires preauthorizations, and for what purchases, check your benefit booklet. To submit a preauthorization, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Activity section of the Level App.
  2. Select + Transaction, then Preauthorization.
  3. Follow the prompts to add your initial transaction date, the benefit you’d like to use, and more information about your purchase. You’ll be asked to verify that your purchase meets your plan’s eligibility criteria, and that you’ll adhere to your plan’s rules. 
  4. Review the details before submitting to make sure it all looks right. 
  5. Select Submit

You’ll receive an email confirming that you can use your Level Card on the date you submitted, according to the details of your preauthorization. 

If you change your plans, you can delete a preauthorization before you’ve made the transaction. In the three-dot menu on your preauthorization, select Delete preauthorization

For active preauthorizations, when the date of your purchase arrives, you’ll get a notification in the app or via email. Be sure to make your purchase on that date. (If you don’t, your card will decline, and you’ll have to submit a new preauthorization.) 

If you purchased a course as part of your Education benefit, you’ll be prompted to confirm the related preauthorization and upload a receipt after making your purchase. After finishing the course, you may be prompted to add proof of completion in the app.