Owing a payment

If you owe a payment on a Level transaction, you’ll get an email. You might owe a payment for any of the following reasons:

  • Your purchase wasn’t covered by your plan
  • You didn’t have enough in your benefit balance to cover the full cost
  • You didn’t upload a required receipt within 30 days
  • Your receipt didn’t meet your plan’s requirements to verify coverage

For dental transactions, Level provides a full explanation of benefits. An explanation of benefits is a document that explains how your plan paid for each service rendered. If you owe a payment for a dental visit, your explanation of benefits can explain why. To find your explanation of benefits, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Level account. 
  2. In the Activity section, select the transaction. 
  3. In the three-dot menu, select See details

Over the next 15 days, you’ll receive reminder emails and notifications until you make your payment. 

If you haven’t made your payment after 15 days, the ineligible expense will be reported to your employer. Your employer may choose to lock your Level Card, or deduct the expense from your payroll. If you have an outstanding payment at the start of a frequency term, your benefit balance won’t be replenished until you’ve made your payment.

Whenever you have one or more transactions with payment due, a prompt will appear on the Activity page of your Level account. Select Review for a list of your unpaid transactions, then select a transaction to make your payment. If you’ve linked your bank account in the app, you can pay quickly and securely. 

After you make a payment, the transaction will show as complete. Once you have no unpaid transactions, the prompt will disappear. Note that payments made on the same day will appear as one line item in your bank account.

If you'd prefer not to link your bank account, you can make payments by physical check. Make the check payable to Level Benefits, Inc, and add the transaction ID to the memo line. To find the transaction ID, visit the Activity section and select the transaction. If your payment applies to more than one transaction, you can list multiple IDs, separated by a comma. (If there’s not enough space, send an in-app message to let us know you’re mailing a check, and to which transactions it applies.) Mail the check to Level Benefits, Inc. at PO Box 1461, New York, NY 10013. Once we receive your check, we’ll update your transaction as paid, and you'll receive a confirmation email.