Merchants and items

Read this article to learn more about item and merchant categories. To learn what’s covered by a specific plan, explore your coverage in your Level account, or check your benefit summary.


Covered merchants

Level Card purchases from these merchants will be approved without a receipt, as long as you have enough in your benefit balance to cover the cost. For a Food benefit, for example, covered merchants might include grocery stores and restaurants. 


Conditionally covered merchants

If you use your Level Card at one of these merchants, you’ll be prompted to add more information in the Level App to verify that your purchase is covered by your plan. 

Once you’ve added the information, we’ll review the details, and you’ll be notified when your transaction is complete. If your purchase isn’t covered, or if you don’t provide the requested information within 30 days, you’ll be asked to pay out of pocket for the transaction. Conditionally covered merchants often include superstores, wholesale clubs, or online marketplaces. 


Excluded merchants

Some merchants may be set as excluded. That means your plan doesn’t cover purchases at these merchants, no matter what you purchase. Your Level Card will be declined, and any reimbursement requests will be denied. 


Covered items

These items are covered under your plan. If you buy a covered item at a merchant that isn’t covered or conditionally covered, your Level Card will decline, but you can use a personal payment method and submit your receipt for reimbursement in the app.


Excluded items

Some employers choose to specify excluded items in their taxable plan. These items won’t be covered by your plan. If a member uses their Level Card and they’re prompted to upload a receipt, and their receipt shows that they bought an excluded item, they’ll be asked to pay the amount back. Any reimbursement requests for excluded items will be denied. 

The Level Card can’t be used to purchase weapons.