Split your payment

The Level Card supports partial authorization. Partial authorization works to prevent your Level Card from being declined if you use your card for an eligible purchase that exceeds your remaining balance. Instead, you’ll be able to use your Level Card for the amount available in your balance, and you can pay the remainder with a personal payment method.

Partial authorization only works if the following conditions are met:

  1. The merchant allows split tender payments. Some merchants may not allow a purchase to be split between two types of payment. If you have an insufficient remaining balance, and you visit a merchant that doesn’t allow you to split your payment, your Level Card will be declined.
  2. You use your Level Card at a physical point-of-sale. That means tapping or swiping your physical Level Card, or tapping your phone if you’ve added your Level Card to Apple or Google Pay. Partial authorization usually isn’t allowed for transactions made online or over the phone. If you have an insufficient remaining balance, and you enter your Level Card number to make an online purchase, your card will be declined.

If these conditions aren’t met and your card is declined, you can pay the full amount with a personal payment method, then submit for reimbursement in the Level App.