The Mental Health MAP

What is Level’s Mental Health MAP?

Level’s Mental Health Maximum Access Plan (MAP) is a benefit designed to increase your employees’ access to quality mental health care — with the freedom to choose what’s right for them. Designed to support individual therapy with licensed providers, covered expenses include:

  • Copays
  • Deductibles
  • In-person and virtual appointments
  • Therapy apps that connect members to licensed providers 

With no up-front costs or waiting for reimbursement, and no restricted provider network, the Mental Health MAP empowers all your employees to get the support they need. 


What kind of documentation is required for Mental Health MAP transactions?

In compliance with IRS guidelines for tax-advantaged ERISA plans, we require a statement from the provider or third-party biller for all Mental Health MAP transactions. All statements should include the following: 

  • Date of service 
  • Name of the patient 
  • A short description of the services provided 
  • Amount paid


How is Level’s Mental Health MAP different from a traditional EAP? 

A traditional EAP usually offers short-term counseling and referral services, with a limited provider network and restrictive session count. Narrow choice and long wait times keep utilization low.. 

Level’s Mental Health MAP covers a wide variety of mental health options, including individual therapy and co-pays, with no restrictive network. Employees can use the Level Card to pay for mental health expenses, so they don’t have to wait for reimbursement. The MAP, in compliance with ERISA and ACA, is designed to broaden access, increase utilization, and empower your team. 


How is Level’s Mental Health MAP different from the Mental Health HRA?

Our Mental Health MAP is different from our Mental Health HRA in a few ways:

  • Because our Mental Health HRA isn’t compatible with an HSA or HDHP, it can only be used by employees with HMO/PPO health plans. Our Mental Health MAP can offer support to all employees, regardless of their previous healthcare choices. 
  • Our Mental Health HRA covers prescription medication in addition to therapy-related expenses. Our Mental Health MAP doesn’t cover medication. 
  • In compliance with ERISA, our Mental Health MAP is capped at $1,500 annually per employee. If you choose a Mental Health HRA, you can set any benefit maximum that works for your budget.


Is Level’s Mental Health MAP in compliance with ERISA and ACA?

Yes. Some of the ways we ensure compliance include:

  • Providing a benefit booklet and summary that meet ERISA plan document requirements 
  • Collecting all members’ consent to electronic distribution and communication of plan-related documentation through the Level App 
  • Keeping eligibility for the Mental Health MAP independent of members’ other health coverage 


What’s the taxability of the Mental Health MAP? 

Level’s Mental Health MAP is a tax-advantaged plan. 


Can my international employees use the Mental Health MAP?

None of Level’s medical plans, including our Mental Health MAP, can be used by employees based outside the United States.


What specific types of therapies are covered?

Sessions with any licensed therapist will be covered. This includes behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and addiction treatment, among others.  


What if my employees seek marriage or family counseling? 

Because the IRS doesn’t define marriage and family counseling as medical expenses, we’re unable to cover these types of therapy under our Mental Health MAP.  


Are we required to give employees a minimum dollar amount?

No. You can choose to provide each employee with any amount up to $1,500 annually.


Do we need to offer the benefit to all employees?

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we recommend auto-enrolling all of your employees in your Mental Health MAP. Because eligibility isn’t dependent on employees’ other health insurance, anyone that’s invited can enroll. 


How do employees use their Mental Health MAP?

Employees will be provided with a Level Card to use for eligible purchases. They can use their virtual card, located in the Level App, or the physical card sent to their homes. After using the Level Card, they’ll be prompted to add an itemized receipt in the app. If they need to pay out of pocket for any reason, they can submit their receipt in the app for reimbursement. 


Doesn’t our existing health insurance plan cover mental health? 

Traditional health plans don’t usually cover mental health care. Even if yours does, the network is likely limited, forcing members to pay the higher cost of out-of-network care — or the full cost of care, for providers who don’t accept insurance. And because most policies require members to pay out of pocket and wait for reimbursement, mental health becomes inaccessible for employees who can’t afford to front the cost. With our Mental Health MAP, members can use the Level Card to pay with their benefits at any licensed provider they choose, increasing access to quality care for your whole team. 


Can dependents enroll? 

While only members will be enrolled in the Mental Health MAP, the benefit can be used by members, their spouses or domestic partners, and their dependents under the age of 26. 


Can we modify the plan design? 

To keep this plan tax-advantaged, coverage must be limited to licensed therapy services, so the plan design can’t be modified. If you’re interested in other ways to support your team, you might consider our Mental Health HRA, or a more broad Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA), like Wellness.