Get started

Creating your account

To download the Level app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), search for "Level Benefits." You also scan the QR code with your phone. Once you've downloaded the app, create your account by tapping "Sign Up," then enter your employee email.


Adding dependents

To add dependents to your Level policy during your employer’s Open Enrollment period or in a qualifying life event please contact your employer’s benefits team or your HR department. 

Employees will be prompted to invite their enrolled dependents aged 13+ to create their Level accounts during initial account setup. Once invited, the dependent will receive a welcome email to set up their account.

To add a dependent after initial account setup, toggle to your dependent's account by navigating to the Account tab and clicking on your dependent’s profile. Tap Profile, select Invite and enter the dependent’s email address.

Finding a provider

Search for a vision or dental provider by name, office, or specialty (i.e "pediatric dentist"). If you have location services turned on, you'll see results for providers closest to you. You can use filters to get more specific. Just tap the filter symbol and select your filters. Select any search result to see details including contact information, locations, specialties, and network status.

In-network providers have a checkmark next to their name. This means this provider offers lower rates to Level members, so your cost may be less than going out of network.

Verified providers have experience working with Level plans and products. This provider is experienced with how Level works, and we've confirmed their information is up to date. Note: just because a provider is verified does not mean that they are in-network.

Viewing Cost Estimates

You can see estimates for how much some procedures are likely to cost, even before your appointment. To see an estimate, go to Accounts, then Plans. From there, select the service and treatment. You can switch between in-network and out-of-network to see the price difference.

Visiting a provider

A few days before your visit, make sure you have the Level app downloaded and you've chosen your provider. When you choose your provider, Level will get in touch with them to make sure you are all set up.

At your visit, share your Level ID info. This is a 10-character mix of numbers and letters, beginning with "LVL." This number helps your provider file a claim and get your plan details. You can find it under Card.

If the office is not familiar with Level, you are still eligible for treatment. Ask the office to contact Level Support at (855) 400-5705. Level’s support team will get the office set up with your policy.

If you have the Level payment card, you can use it to pay for any eligible goods or services. You may have a virtual card, which your provider can use by manually inputting the card information into their point-of-sale system if you show them the card in the app. Just have them run it like any other payment card. If a claim requires a receipt, you'll be prompted for one in the app. You can take a picture of the receipt and upload it to your claim.

If you’re visiting a dental provider and you do not have a Level payment card, ask your provider to file a claim for your visit. Level will process the claim and pay the provider. If you are visiting a vision provider or need to pay out of pocket, make sure to get an itemized receipt that includes the date of service and how much you paid. Some offices refer to this as a "superbill." Visit the Activity tab in the Level app, tap the three dots, and click File Claim. Once Level confirms the details and processes the visit, you'll get reimbursed. You can add a bank account to get money sent directly to your bank, or Level can send you a check.

Once we get a claim for your visit, you’ll see it in your Activity. We’ll notify you when it’s done processing, so you can see the full details.

Linking your bank account

Link a bank account to pay for any out-of-pocket costs and to get reimbursed quickly for any eligible expenses. Go to the Accounts tab and select ‘Bank Account’ to get started.