Paying with your benefits

If you’re using your benefits at a provider’s office, you may not have to pay at the time of service.

Eligible charges are covered by your benefits balance. To see how much of your balance is remaining, you can check the Activity section of the Level App. 

If you are using a virtual Level Card, your card information can be entered into any point-of-sale system. If you have the physical Level Card, just use it like any regular payment card. 

If you are asked for payment and you have the Level Card, you can use it to pay for eligible goods and services according to your plan’s coverage. Make sure to request an itemized receipt if your provider does not accept insurance, or you are paying for non dental/vision services. If your Level Card transaction requires a receipt, you’ll get a notification. Follow the instructions to upload or take a picture of the receipt. If you aren’t able to provide one, you may be asked to pay out of pocket for the transaction. 

If you are asked for payment and you don’t have the Level Card, or need to pay out of pocket for any reason, you can get paid back for eligible expenses. To get paid back, make sure to get an itemized receipt that includes the date of the transaction, where it took place, and how much you paid. Visit the Activity tab in the Level App, tap the three dots, and tap “Get Paid Back.” Once Level processes everything, you’ll get paid back according to your plan’s coverage. You can add a bank account to get money deposited directly, or Level can send you a check.

If you’ve used your Level Card for an ineligible expense or go over your balance, you’ll be prompted to make a payment in the app. To make your payment, just tap on the transaction and follow the instructions. You can add a bank account to make secure payments. After you make a payment, the transaction will show as complete. Note: payments made on the same day will appear as one line item in your bank account.  

View transaction details

You can find all transactions in the Activity section of the app. Tap the transaction date to see details, including procedures or items purchased, total cost and if there's a payment due. You may not see all these details if your claim is still processing.

Dispute a transaction

If a charge or treatment on a processed transaction looks incorrect, contact Level Support at (855) 400-5705 or You can also reach support directly from the app through the three-dot menu. Select "Get help" to start a chat.