File a claim

The easiest way to submit a claim is through Level's Provider Dashboard. To get started, sign up for an account.

Level also accepts claims through your patient management system, by fax, and by mail. Electronic submissions and faxes are faster to process than mailed claims. Get started with the ADA Dental Claim Form Template.

Our payer ID is LEVEL.

Fax: (833) 837-5905

P.O. Box 176
New York, NY 10013

Appeal a claim

For any appeals or corrections, contact Support directly at (855) 400-5705 or Be prepared to share information regarding the claim, including the claim itself, and additional visit information.

Get paid

Once your claim is processed, we'll send a paper check to the billing address listed on the claim.

All payments include an explanation of payment, which outlines the summary of treatments, total charges, insurance responsibility, and member responsibility.