Member visits


Level’s flexible vision plans are valid at all eye care providers in the US and cover care up to a member’s annual maximum. With no frequency limitations, members are able to use their vision benefits on all eligible vision services and products up to an annual max. Covered benefits include routine eye exams, contacts, and prescription frames and lenses. Providers or members can also reach out to Level Support at (855) 400-5705 or

Level Card

Level members may pay for services with the Level Card. The card is authorized to cover any eligible charges, up to an annual max. If the member has a physical Level Card, run the card at your point-of-sale system like any other payment card. If the member has a virtual Level Card visible in the Level app, manually enter the card details into your point-of-sale system.

Some members won’t have a Level Card. In these cases, the member should pay you out of pocket. The member will need to submit a reimbursement request using the Level app. Once Level confirms the details of the visit and processes the request, the member will be reimbursed.

After the visit, Level will reach out to you for documentation — an itemized receipt, 1500 form, or superbill is acceptable to substantiate the visit or purchase. We accept documentation by fax at (833) 837-5905 or via email at