Visit a provider

Level's network

Level’s dental and vision plans are valid at all providers in the United States. Some providers are a part of Level’s network, which offers lower rates to Level members. This means your cost may be less than going out of network. In-network providers have a check mark next to their name. Note: not all vision plans have in-network providers.


Before your next appointment

A few days before your visit, make sure you have the Level App downloaded and you've saved your provider. When you save a provider, Level will contact them and share your birthday and name to confirm you as a patient, then give them details about your Level benefits.

At your visit, share your Level ID. This is a 10-character mix of numbers and letters, beginning with "LVL." This number helps your provider file a claim and get your plan details. You can find it in the Card section of the Level App. 

If your provider isn’t familiar with Level they can reach out to Level Support at (855) 400-5705 to learn more about our policies and claim substantiation process. 

You can pay with your Level Card (eligible charges will be covered by your benefits balance) or pay out of pocket and submit a receipt through the app to be paid back according to your plan’s coverage. Your provider can reach out to Level Support at (855) 400-5705 to learn more about your policy and our claim substantiation process.