How do I use my Level Card?

If you have the virtual Level Card, your card information can be entered into any point-of-sale system that accepts Visa. To find your virtual card, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Level account
  2. Go to the Card section. You'll find your virtual card there, printed with your Level ID. 

If you have the physical Level Card, you'll need to activate it in the Level App before use. After you activate your card, you can use it just like any other payment card — by swiping, tapping, inserting the chip, or entering your card details online. If you’re asked for a billing address, enter your home address that’s registered in your Level account. 

When you use your Level Card, Level approves or declines the transaction based on your plan rules and remaining balance. If your transaction is approved, the amount will show as deducted from your balance while your transaction is processing.

If your card is declined, you’ll receive a notification and an email. To find details about why your transaction was declined, visit the Activity section of the Level App and select your transaction. 

Depending on where you used your card, Level may need more information to verify that your transaction is covered under your plan. If your transaction requires more information, you’ll get a notification. 

You can only make purchases up to your plan’s remaining balance, which you can view in the Activity section of the Level App. If you don’t have enough in your balance to cover the cost of an item, your card will be declined. If you've used your Level Card for an ineligible expense, you’ll have 15 days to pay for the expense in the app.