Dependents and the Level Card

For vision plans with Level Cards, family members who are 18 and older each have their own Level Card. Depending on your employer, your dependent may automatically be sent a Level Card when they turn 18, or your dependent may need to request a card in the app. If they need to order a physical card, they can visit the Card section and find the option to Order a Level Card, then select Start.

For vision benefits, you can view a dependent’s transaction activity by switching to their profile in the Account section of the app. To pay for a dependent’s vision care, use your own card, and Level will update the correct balance once the transaction has been processed.

Dependents who are 18 and older can use their Level Card for vision transactions. Work-life benefits, like Food, can only be used by the account holder, so dependents won’t receive a Level Card. The Level Card can’t be used for dental transactions.