Physical and virtual cards

For plans with Level Cards, all family members who are 18 and older will be issued their own Level Card upon enrollment in the plan. You can use your virtual card right away. In the Card section, select Show card details, then enter your card information into any point-of-sale system. 

Depending on your employer, you might receive a physical card automatically, or you might have to order one in the Level App. To order a physical card, visit the Card section and find the option to Order a Level Card, then select Start.

Note that some corporate networks may restrict access to financial data in the Level App. If you’re unable to view your virtual card using your work computer, try switching to a personal device or a different network. 

Once you receive your physical card, you’ll need to activate it in the Card section of the app. Note: your physical card number will not be the same as the virtual card number, though both are available to use towards eligible goods and services according to your plan’s coverage. If your physical card is lost or damaged, you can continue to use your virtual card.