Why was my Level Card declined?

If your Level Card is declined, it likely happened for one of these reasons:  

More common reasons

  1. The charge exceeded your benefit balance, and the merchant didn’t allow you to split your payment.
  2. The merchant or item isn’t covered under your plan. If you visited an excluded merchant, or purchased an excluded item, the Level Card would have declined automatically. To learn more about what’s covered by your plan, explore your coverage in your Level account, or check your plan documents.
  3. You used your card at a dental office. Most dental plans don’t support use of the Level Card.

Less common reasons 

  1. None of your plans were active. To find the start date for a specific plan, check your plan’s benefit summary.
  2. Your card is invalid. This might mean your card is expired or canceled. Try visiting the Card section of the Level App to find your card’s expiration date. If you recently reported your card lost or stolen, it might be canceled by our team. You can send us a message in the app to learn more. 
  3. Your plan doesn’t support use of the Level Card. This might happen if your employer switched to a plan without the Level Card, but you’re still using the Level Card you received in a prior plan year. 
  4. Your Level Card is suspended. If you’ve accidentally locked your card, you can visit the Activity section of the app to unlock it. If you don’t pay Level back for ineligible transactions, your employer may also have chosen to suspend your Level Card. 
  5. You haven’t activated your Level Card. You’ll need to activate your card before use. 
  6. Your plan requires a preauthorization for your purchase. 
  7. There was an error processing your payment, or we detected unusual activity on your card. If you see either of these messages, send us a message in the app to learn more. 

Learn more

When a Level Card is declined, both the account holder and the member who used the card are notified in the Level App and via email. To find details about why your transaction was declined, visit the Activity section of the Level App and select your transaction.

Next steps

If your card is declined while making an eligible purchase, you can use a personal payment method, then submit a receipt in the app for reimbursement. Make sure to get an itemized receipt that includes the date of purchase, your name, the name of the merchant, a short description of the item or service, and how much you paid. 

Afterward, visit the Activity tab in the Level App to submit your receipt. Out-of-pocket expenses must be submitted for reimbursement within 30 days of the transaction. For some plans, like dental, vision, and Mental Health, you have 180 days to submit following the date of service. To review the submission period for your plan, check your benefit booklet.

You can link your bank account to get paid back quickly and securely. Once Level processes your transaction, you’ll get reimbursed according to your plan’s coverage.