Make payments

If you've used your Level Card for an ineligible expense or go over your balance, you’ll be prompted to make a payment in the app. Level will send email reminders every week until you make your payment. If you don’t make your payment, your card may be locked, and the ineligible expense will be reported to your employer.

You can add a bank account to make secure payments. After you make a payment, the transaction will show as complete. Note that payments made on the same day will appear as one line item in your bank account.

If you'd prefer not to link your bank account, you can pay your balance by physical check. 

Make the check payable to Level Inc, and add the transaction ID to the memo line. To find the transaction ID, visit the Activity section and select the transaction. The transaction ID should begin with DC or VC.

Mail the check to Level Inc. at PO Box 1461, New York, NY 10013.

Once we receive your check, we will update your transaction as paid, and you'll receive a confirmation email.