Eligible charges are covered by your benefits balance. To see how much of your balance is remaining, you can check the Activity section of the Level App. Transactions will be shown as pending until they're processed. 

If you’re prompted to upload a receipt for your transaction, submit your receipt as soon as you can. Transactions that require receipts are typically processed within two days after you upload your receipt. Pending transactions will show as deducted from your balance. 

If you are using a virtual Level Card, your card information can be entered into any point-of-sale system. If you have the physical Level Card, make sure you’ve activated it by following the instructions in the Card section of the Level App. Once you’ve activated your card, you can use it like any regular payment card. 

If you don’t have a Level Card, or need to pay out of pocket for any reason, make sure to get an itemized receipt that includes the date of your transaction, where it took place, and how much you paid. Visit the Activity tab in the Level App to submit your receipt. Once Level processes everything, you’ll get paid back according to your plan’s coverage. You can add a bank account to get money sent directly to you, or Level can send you a check.