What should I know before a vision appointment?

Bring your virtual or physical Level Card to your appointment so you can pay at your provider’s office. If your provider needs more information, they can reach out to Level Support at (855) 400-5705 to learn about your coverage.

If you have the virtual Level Card, your card information can be entered into any point-of-sale system. If you have a physical Level Card, be sure to activate it in the Level App, then use it like any other payment card. If you don’t have your Level Card, you can use a personal payment method.

Be sure to get an itemized receipt or statement of services that includes the date of service, patient’s name, provider’s name, services rendered, and how much you paid. If you used the Level Card, you’ll need to add the receipt to your transaction in the Level App within 30 days. If you used a personal payment method, you can submit your receipt in the app to get paid back, as long as you submit your receipt within 180 days of the date of service.