Add a bank account

During onboarding, you’ll be asked to add a bank account to pay invoices. Once you’ve added your bank account details, you’ll also consent to ACH debits and confirm micro-deposits to finish adding the account. 

You can also add multiple bank accounts and bill by division in the Employer Dashboard. Under Account > Bank Account, you can:

  • Add and verify additional bank accounts
  • Indicate which account is the “default” account (the “default” account will be charged if an employee is missing a billing division or has an unmapped billing division)
  • Remove bank accounts

Once an account is added, navigate to Account > Divisions to set a billing division code for each account. The Division Code must exactly match what is sent in eligibility/enrollment files, otherwise the default account will be charged.

To change your bank account information, add and verify an additional bank account under Account > Bank Account. Once verified, you will be able to remove the first bank account.