Level offers self-funded dental and vision benefits that can be paired with an aggregate stop-loss policy, depending on your company’s size and headquarter state, so you can give your employees flexibility while limiting your financial risk. Dental and vision plans fully cover all services up to an annual maximum, and in-network dentists offer discounted rates to Level members, so employees can maximize their benefit dollars. 

Level also offers both taxable and tax-advantaged benefits for maximum flexibility. Taxable benefits work for almost anything, including food and lifestyle perks. Tax-advantaged benefits help employees and businesses save, from home office expenses to health care.

You can set up the benefits you want to offer and designate a balance for each. Employees can see their balance for each benefit in the Level App, and you can view utilization data across benefits from the Employer Dashboard.



Level provides guidance on plan design based on market benchmarking data and best practices. We’ll recommend plan types, amounts and benefit periods to help you create the best plans for your employees.


Eligible expenses 

Employees can view eligible items and services for each benefit in the Level App. Some transactions will require a receipt to verify whether or not the expense is eligible. 

If a transaction requires a receipt, employees will get a notification in the Level App. If the employee doesn’t upload a required receipt after two months, they’ll be asked to pay out of pocket for the transaction. 


Ineligible expenses

If an employee uses their Level Card for an ineligible expense, they’ll be prompted to pay the cost in the Level App. If the employee doesn’t pay the amount after two months, their Level Card may be locked and the amount will be added to your next Level invoice. You can view non-qualified spend in the Employer Dashboard. 



Level serves US-based companies and supports international member enrollment. The Level App is available in six languages and in over 30 countries, with plans denominated in the employee’s home currency. The Level Card is not yet available to members based outside of the United States, and Level’s reporting systems enable employers’ reimbursement programs through standard payroll. 

Members based in the United States, but traveling internationally, can use their benefits abroad with the Level Card. For dental and vision plans, only emergency care is covered outside of the United States. 


Plan settings

You can select your settings while designing your benefit. For each setting, Level provides a default that you can customize to your needs.

Rollover: You can elect to have a percentage of unused eligible funds roll over into the next benefit period. Rollover is not currently supported for dental or vision plans. If your plan is subject to IRS limitations, we’ll ensure that your rollover adheres to regulations. 

Benefit period: Depending on your plan type, you may be able to choose between daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual or lifetime benefit periods.

Proration: For monthly, quarterly, or annual benefit periods, you can set proration for employee plan eligibility. Monthly plans are prorated on a daily basis. Quarterly and annual plans are prorated on a monthly basis. 

Coinsurance: Coinsurance is the percentage of a fee that Level pays for a certain service category. This setting is only available for dental plans, and set at 100% for all services. Level will cover employees’ care in full (100%), up to their annual maximum. 

Deductible: A deductible is the dollar amount a member must pay toward covered services before benefits can be applied. Deductibles can only be set for dental and vision plans. Level’s standard plans have no deductible. 

Coverage tiers: Dental services can be sorted into several different categories. By default, Level sorts dental services into four tiers: preventive and diagnostic, basic, major, and orthodontia. Level’s standard plans cover each tier at 100%, up to an annual maximum.