Download enrolled members

Enrollments are managed through the Members section. To download a list of all employees enrolled in benefits to date, select Actions, then Export List


Detailed invoice report

Level provides a detailed invoice report as a supplement to each invoice, including transaction funding and administrative fees for each enrolled employee. You can download it from the Invoices section. Additional information, including employee ID and department, are available in the detailed invoice report when provided in enrollment data.


Monthly summary

Level provides a monthly overview of your employees' utilization, including your budget versus actual spend. To view this report, visit the Reports section, then select Files.


Payroll report

For taxable benefits, Level provides a monthly payroll report to help you add imputed income into payroll systems. To find your payroll report, visit the Reports section, then select Files.



Insights gives you meaningful and actionable data into how your employees are using their benefits. You can view Insights in the Reports section. With Insights, you can track cumulative plan spend versus budget, member savings through the Level network, plan versus member costs, and member utilization insights by plan and plan year. 

Transactions data within Insights is updated on a daily basis as transactions are processed. Budget data is updated once a month (for example, at the start of February, the budget will be updated to include the sum of January + February budgets).