For all plans, Level sends three types of invoices: one for fees, one for plan funding, and one for unpaid card usage, if you’ve chosen to provide employees with a Level Card. If your fee invoice and plan funding invoice are issued on the same day, according to your billing cycle, they’ll be combined in a single invoice. 

We’ll email your invoices directly to your billing contact. To find your billing contact information in the Employer Dashboard, visit the Account section, then select Billing. To update your billing contact information, send an email to


Fee invoice

This invoice consists of fees calculated per employee per month (PEPM) for plan administration, transactions processing, and support. You may also see implementation fees, fees for non-member spend, and fees passed through to benefit brokers, if any. 

You’ll receive your fee invoice on the first of each month. Fees are calculated using the member eligibility record in Level’s system as of that day. Any retroactive eligibility changes from the previous month will appear as an adjustment in the next month’s invoice.


Plan funding invoice

You’ll receive your plan funding invoice on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly cadence, depending on your billing cycle. 

If your plan is self-funded, Level will send an invoice for your minimum balance before your plan starts. Moving forward, your plan funding invoice will show the amount you have to pay to restore your minimum balance. 

If you have a Funds + Insurance plan, your invoice will show a fixed budget amount for each enrollment type (employee only, employee with spouse, employee with children, and employee with family) that you’ll need to pay Level to maintain your plan. These budgets include a dollar estimate of your team’s total utilization and a stop-loss premium, which caps your financial risk. We’ll periodically reconcile these invoices with actual utilization and apply the difference, surplus or deficit, on future invoices.


Non-qualified spend invoice

If your employees use the Level Card, you’ll receive a separate invoice on the first of each month for any non-qualified spend that members failed to pay back to Level. Non-qualified spend is any expense paid with the Level Card that isn’t covered by your plan. 

A member incurs non-qualified spend if their receipt shows that they used their Level Card for an ineligible expense, or if they don’t upload a required receipt within 30 days of their transaction. In either case, the member is prompted to pay for the transaction in the Level App. Over the next 15 days, they receive reminder emails and notifications until they make their payment. If they don’t make their payment within 15 days, the amount is billed to you in this invoice. 

After receiving your invoice, you can recover non-qualified spend from members directly based on the terms of your plan. The process for deducting these amounts from members’ wages varies based on state law. For detailed advice on recovering non-qualified spend from members, we recommend consulting with an employment attorney.


Detail reporting

In the Invoices section of the dashboard, you can download a detailed invoice report as a supplement to each invoice. These reports break down your invoice by member. A separate statement provides details for each transaction, including member name, employee ID, and department, as long as that information is provided in enrollment files.