Orthodontic care

Most of Level’s plans include coverage for orthodontic treatment in a shared annual maximum. For these plans, both dental and orthodontic care are covered in full (100%), up to that maximum. These members can apply additional benefits toward ongoing treatment when their annual maximum renews.

For some of our plans, orthodontic treatment is included as a separate lifetime maximum, with coinsurance. Some plans provide no orthodontic coverage.

For all plans with orthodontic coverage, Invisalign and other clear aligner therapies are covered. We cover new orthodontic cases and orthodontics in progress. For a claim initiating orthodontic treatment (D8080/D8090), make sure to include the banding date, length of treatment, and total cost of treatment. Work in progress claims (D8670) should include the banding date, length of treatment, total cost of treatment, and an explanation of benefits from the previous carrier.