Submit a claim

After a Level member’s appointment, submit a claim for payment from Level. We accept assignment of benefits and will pay your office directly for services. Our timely filing limit is six months from the date of service. (If a member paid up front, give them an itemized receipt or statement of services to submit for reimbursement in the Level App.) 

You’ll need a member’s Level ID, or their social security number, to submit a claim. A Level ID starts with “LVL,” followed by seven digits. Members can find their Level ID in the Level App, or you can check the Provider Dashboard.

Level will process the claim according to the member’s plan. We’ll send a check to the billing address listed on the claim, along with an explanation of payment (EOP). Members can view an explanation of benefits (EOB) in the Level App. 


Use the Provider Dashboard

The quickest way to submit claims, along with any required documentation, is through the dashboard. To get set up, just sign up for an account here. It's free and easy to use. Most claims submitted through the dashboard are processed and paid the same day.


Submit electronically

Level also accepts claims electronically through your practice management (PM) system. To submit a claim electronically, refresh your system and add Level as a new insurance company. Our payer ID is LEVEL, or 01206 for Softdent or Carestream users.


Send in the mail 

We also accept claims by paper mail to the following address:

Level Benefits, Inc. 

PO Box 176

New York, NY