Check coverage

To view all of your Level patients, visit the Members section. Select a member to view their annual maximum and remaining balance, deductible, and coverage overview. 


Look up procedure codes

To check coverage for any dental code, visit a member’s profile and select Plan. In the box that reads Filter by code, type in a dental code. Be sure to toggle to the correct network status to view accurate coverage. You can click on a service to view coverage details and restrictions in the right-hand sidebar. 


View treatment history 

To review the treatment a member has received at your office, visit their profile and select Records. You can filter by code or date of service. 


Find dependents 

To find coverage for a patient’s family members, visit their profile. In the right-hand sidebar, select Family. If the member has family members, they’ll appear in the drop-down menu. 

To add a patient’s family member to your dashboard, select their name to visit their profile. Select Actions, then Add member.


Download plan documents

You can download a benefit breakdown directly from a member’s profile. Select Actions, then Download benefit breakdown.