While members can use their dental benefits at any provider in the United States, Level has a national PPO network of quality dental providers. 

Dental providers who join the Level Network enjoy:

  • Fast payments. Members use their benefits to pay for treatment with the Level Card, so you get paid in full on the date of service. 
  • Customized fee schedules. Our network team will work with you to set up competitive fees that reflect the value of your care.  
  • Generous plans. With many of Level’s dental plans, dental care is covered in full (100%) up to an annual maximum. These plans have no traditional frequency limitations, so you can use your expertise to determine the best care for your patients.
  • More patients. In-network providers appear first in the Level App, so Level members are more likely to visit your office.
  • Smooth, easy credentialing. Our streamlined, fully electronic process typically takes less than two weeks. In-network providers are re-credentialed every three years.