Check your network status

Level's national dental network represents a combination of direct contracts and leased networks. If you’re not directly contracted, you may be in-network with Level through one of our network leasing partnerships. If your office is in-network with Level through a leased agreement, claims will reflect that partner’s fee schedule, and the fee schedule will be identified on your explanation of payment (EOP).

You can check whether you’re in-network on Level’s Provider Dashboard. Visit the Account section, select Offices, and choose an office to view each practicing provider’s network status. If you don’t have an account, you can check your network status by contacting Level Support via email at, through our contact form, or by calling (855) 400-5705. You’ll be asked to provide your tax identification number (TIN), the treating provider’s name, and your office address.

If you’re out-of-network, Level members can still visit your office. They can use their benefits to pay for treatment up front with their Level Card. After charging the Level Card, you’ll still need to submit a claim directly to Level to show what services were rendered.