Use the Level Card

Members can use their benefits to pay for treatment on the day of their appointment by using the Level Card. The card is authorized to cover any eligible charges, up to an annual maximum. After charging the Level Card, you’ll still need to submit a claim directly to Level to show what services were rendered.

You can charge the Level Card with in-network rates. If you’re not sure of your network status, charge your office fees. Level will make any necessary adjustments once your claim has been processed. 

If they have the virtual Level Card, enter their card number into your point-of-sale system. If they have a physical Level Card, use it like any other payment card. 

Some members won’t have a Level Card. In these cases, submit a claim to receive payment from Level. 

If a Level member pays with a personal payment method, give them an itemized receipt with their name, the treating provider’s name and office address, and services rendered. Members can submit the receipt in the Level App. Once Level processes the details of their visit, they’ll get paid back according to their plan’s coverage.